Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Priests Desperately Need Minors

That title should bring in a lot of Google search traffic, I think. That's a quick lesson to all you kids out there who want to be pro bloggers: you can't cheat SEO (search engine optimization) algorithms, so make a title that's actually honest about your subject matter.

This post, of course, is about the criminal need for more minor glyphs for currently frustrated priests.

Blizzard unveiled a fantastic (in my view) system for glyphs: remove the obvious "increase one's powers" glyphs (if they're so obvious, they should just be baked into the spells and balanced appropriately) and just have (major) glyphs that allow you to tailor your playstyle to preference and (minor) glyphs that are largely only for customizing one's visual style.

If Blizzard does a good job, major glyphs will largely be balanced against one another, so none are "clear winners" select the ones that make playing your class more fun for you. That said, I'm not going to discuss major glyphs in this post. I may re-visit them in a future post. This post is about cosmetic/stylish minor glyphs that could be fun for priests.

A bunch of druid minor glyphs were revealed during the Mists of Pandaria press tour blizzard of information (pun fully intended). I can only assume that since those were the minor glyphs displayed during a "first look" that those are intended to be the baseline of what to expect for every class. Blizzard would never resort to the cheap movie trailer tactic of only showing the best bits to lure you in, right? I would think that the cheap escort tactic of hinting at but not yet showing the best bits would serve them better.

So, in that spirit, I'm going to assume priests are going to get an avalanche of amazingly cool minor glyphs and suggest some that I'd like to see.

Glyph of the Shadow Raven

Getting to the obvious one first (but I'd be remiss in skipping past the one that many priests have wanted ever since shadow orbs were added to the game), this glyph would either turn the shadow orbs graphic in shadow ravens, or else just passively surround priests who are in Shadowform with shadowy ravens. In either case, the precedent here are the shadow priests from New Hearthglen, in Dragonblight. They have a few shadowy ravens circling them (all the time, as I recall). It's a nice bit of style.

Glyph of the Angel

This one would be for any priest who took the Archangel talent (perhaps including shadow priests, but perhaps only for healing priests). This glyph would passively provide the current archangel graphic (small, glowing wings) at all times, and when the ability was actually activated, they'd unfurl into a slightly more obvious graphic (perhaps Tyrael-like wings?).

Glyph of Holyform

With this glyph, priests in a Chakra state get the graphic that is currently given to priests who have activated Chakra but haven't yet cast a spell that puts them into a Chakra state (a lovely wreathing in golden flames). Why must such a lovely graphic be mostly never seen (though it bears mentioning that a similar graphic is used for Power Infusion)?

Glyph of Natural/Liquid/Lunar Penance

This would be three different glyphs, each of which re-colors Penance. The "natural" version gives Penance a green, leafy look (Blizzard does a nice job with putting a "falling leaves" look into spell graphics). The "liquid" version would give Penance a blue and watery look. And the "lunar" version would give Penance an otherworldly white glow. (This one is a little dodgy, since golden light is a bit of a priest staple and the "natural" and "liquid" versions would look druidic and shamanistic, might not foster a cohesive look for the class.)

Glyph of Vengeance

Your Spirit of Redemption is now a Spirit of Vengeance...instead of using the model of a graveyard angel for when you turn into a Spirit of Redemption, you gain the model of a val'kyr. Actually, will holy priests even have that ability in Mists of Pandaria? I've almost never taken the talent, so I've really not even paid attention.

Glyph of Poignant Death

When you perish, you emit of flash of golden (or shadowy, if you are in Shadowform) light. The world just got a little dimmer (or brighter, if you were in Shadowform) for the loss of a priest. So sad.

As you may be able to tell, I don't play shadow very much, so I'm rather healing priest focused with these glyphs. I think, though, that glyphs like these (including more selection for the shadowed in the priesthood) would allow for some fun flash to be added to the priesting game.

If you have ideas (hopefully, even better ones than these, though I am very enamored of Glyph of the Angel!), please share them in the comments!


  1. Not a bad idea. I imagine the Druid minor glyphs are already well on their way to finishing.

    Perhaps a Glyph of Darkwell?

    Change up the Lightwell color

    Glyph of Pull of Faith?

    Instead of pulling a target to you, you get to pull yourself to a target. That'd be more of a Major glyph though I think

    1. Yeah, Pull of Faith is a great idea, but definitely seems to fit the idea of a major glyph, tailoring one's playstyle.

      I like the idea of a lightwell glyph and pondered one, but couldn't think of a compelling one. One thought I had was a well with a beam of light reaching up into the heavens (much like those beams of light you can summon from the Elder's Moonstones...but golden, instead of white).

  2. I was pretty disappointed that our currently glyphs are all recycled, definitely nothing fun or novel yet. But these are great! Looking like a Val'kyr would add some badassery to an ability I've considered to be mostly "battlerez impediment". You are quite right about the loveliness of pre-Chakra form, and my spriest half certainly hasn't forgotten how awesome the Raven Priests were. Far too neat the graphic to languish off in Dragonblight, especially not with a Scarlet revitalization going on!

    Regarding your Penance glyph... Blue, green, and yellow may mean other things, but I think the discipine color is actually *rainbow*. Remember our pretty old DA graphic? Maybe that's too much when spread over a raid ( Blizz seems to think), but one little CD-restricted spell would be fine! Penance is already a bit rainbow-y, the glyph could push it over the top!

    1. My thought had been for three Penance minor glyphs, each which gave a different color, but a multi-colored one would be interesting. As you said, Divine Aegis used to have a soap bubble rainbow sheen, which was very subtle but attractive...if they could somehow incorporate that kind of thing into Penance and make it a glyph, I'd be quite in favor of it!