Sunday, March 13, 2011

Hey Janelle

A little background first. In a raid the other night, our main tank who's a death knight (and a cheerful complainer) suddenly burst out, while we were fighting some trash, "Hey Janelle...I can't death strike while silenced!" Everyone was a little baffled by why he'd angrily inform another member of our raid (one of our raiders is named Janelle) about this admittedly annoying dynamic.* It then was revealed that he had burst out "Hey, didjaknow I can't death strike while silenced?" But due to way people often shorten words (even already-shortened forms), it came out as "Hey ja'know I can't..." and "ja'know" had sounded to everyone like "Janelle."

*It turned out later he was pacified, not silenced. For those of you wondering why a silence would prevent one of a death knight's strikes

In any case, being the edgy cut-up that I am, on the next trash pack, I (angrily) announced "Hey Janelle! I can't cast healing spells while silenced." Which led to another couple similar comments from others. Much amusement had by all, including the death knight tank in question.

Anyway, we then had "Hey Janelle...!" as our guild message of the day for a while. But it got me thinking...that sounds like a good title for a pop song. So I pulled out my guitar, penned some lyrics and recorded a catchy pop song to capture the spirit. All of the last sentence is a lie except for the lyrics. I have no music writing capability. So here are the lyrics. (This is not going to by my blog gimmick, each post a poem or just happened to be the case for two consecutive posts. Rhyming pieces of writing will be rare, in general.)

Hey Janelle!

As I walk the streets
Past the park, the houses, the mall
You keep popping into my head
For absolutely no reason at all

I keep wondering...

Hey Janelle, did you know that I can't buy things
When I'm completely broke?
Hey Janelle, did you know that I can't breathe
When the emotions cause me to choke?

I sit by the lake where we watched the ducks
As the morning burns away
The dreams I once had
Well, they seem determined to stay

I keep thinking...

Hey Janelle, did you know that the unmployment rate
Is a lagging indicator for economic health?
Hey Janelle, did you realize that spirituality
Is not measured by material wealth?

Tonight, I sit alone by the window
With all the lights switched off
And as I look out at the stars
I hear your voice in my mind, soft...

And I ask...

Hey Janelle, did you know that an aisle seat
Doesn't get any sort of view?
And, hey Janelle, were you aware that I can't tell you I love you
When I'm silenced? Yes, it's true.


  1. Did you just declare your love for Janelle in the last stanza?! HA! I'm gonna tell her! XD (OMG, I wonder if that would cause drama...) :P

    This is awesome, though I'm sure it helps that I know the people in question. I wish I'd been there, but I can imagine it very well anyway.

  2. I've been asked that a few times, about whether this is me saying I love Janelle. The other question is whether I was writing it from Justin's point of view. I considered both issues, actually, while writing it. The potential drama and awkwardness and questions.

    And then I wrote it anyway. :)

  3. Haha, this story really had me laugh, and the lyrics are brilliant. x) You should get someone to sing them, perhaps you could roll in raid and whoever rolls lowest has to do it and put it on youtube. ;)

  4. Would that be a punishment for the person who rolled lowest or for the rest of who have to listen to it, though? ;)