Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Ode To Prayer Of Mending

Ping! You are an emissary of holy power
I summon you, my heal on golden wings
And you do strong work in my name
(Just check the healing meters in game.)

Ping! The rogue has just pulled aggro
But elsewhere the tank is dying in fire
You keep the rogue alive while I shield the tank
I don't know why we bother, to be frank.

Ping! This boss likes to visit agony
Upon each and every benighted soul
You flutter from player to player
I can imagine no harder working prayer.

Indeed in all my travels, in every exotic locale
You are my constant, golden companion
You are loyal, smart and efficient
My love for you was (GCD-capped) instant.



  1. LOL! Very funny and well written. Almost makes me wish I played a priest. :P

    I had trouble commenting earlier, let's see if this goes through... Hmm, it's saying I don't own my identity, which is irritating. I'll have to use one of the other options.

  2. Ping! One of my favorite sounds to hear in a boss encounter :)